Who We Are

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The Central Coast Partners for Water Quality (or Partners) is a group of communities that convene to discuss, develop, and implement region-wide approaches for municipal stormwater programs for the protection of our rivers, creeks, bays, and ocean.  The goal of the Partners is to implement municipal stormwater programs consistent with state regulations.  Continue reading

Canine Caching

Canine CachingWho’s up for a treasure hunt?!?!    NO…we are not trying to get you to hunt for unattended (or “orphan”) dog poop.  We are leading you to our SLO Scoops Poop project locations which are located throughout the county.  Canine caching is a real world outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS coordinates to locate the prize!  Here’s the scoop…

SLO Scoops Poop has hidden 8 different canine caches (treasure containers) at designated project locations county-wide.  In order for you to participate in our county-wide canine caching treasure hunt you’ll need to do the following…

  1. Log onto the geocaching.com website or download the free app to your phone. **If you choose not to download the free geocaching features, you can follow the GPS coordinates and hints below. Plug the GPS coordinates into google earth or google maps and let the hunt begin. **
  2. In addition to the GPS coordinates, we’ve provided hits below that will help locate the treasure.
  3. When you find the canine cache, you can sign the pledge and take (or replace!) a prize. Stay alert because new canine goodies (doggie bandanas, poop baggies, dog tags, etc.) will show up from time to time.



Remember:  Poop Pollutes, so… Scoop the Poop, Every Stinkin’ Time!

Project Locations

Single Flag in front of Ocean2

SLO Scoops Poop is a countywide public education campaign to share with residents and visitors the importance of picking up dog poop to improve local water quality.

At 8 trails and parks around San Luis Obispo County we have “flagged” all of the unattended (or “orphan”) poop with pink or yellow-checkered flags — a visual reminder that each and every poop is a bacteria source that can contaminate our local waterways.

Flags and signs will be left up at each pilot location for two weeks, at which point all of the poop will be removed so that the park or trail can start again with a “fresh slate.”  Keep an eye out though — we may be back to see how well pet owners are continuing to keep your community clean!

Check out the map below for all of our pilot project site locations!  Each flag is a pilot location; zoom in to see them better or click on a flag for more location information.